7 online courses to master digital arts

7 online courses to master digital arts

7 online courses to master digital arts

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends, whatever your profession is, is a necessity, and as the online channel allows us to maintain comprehensive training in flexible hours,
this type of education becomes more necessary, especially in the current era. In this article, we will talk about a selection of perfect courses for you to enhance your digital talent.

The training programs that we have selected are taught by Escuela Des Arts, which has degrees specially designed for professionals who seek to expand their knowledge while combining their working life with their studies. Its online courses to master the digital arts are very flexible so that students can add new skills and competencies to their curriculum and have tutorials that respond in a personalized way to doubts and queries that arise during the academic year.

  1. Master in Marketing and communication + Master in Food Styling
    With this course you will obtain the double degree of Master in Marketing and Communication and Master in Food Styling, obtaining knowledge about marketing and communication strategies, and obtaining the specialization in a culinary stylist, acquiring the skills to dedicate yourself to professional food photography and artistic presentation of gastronomic dishes.
    Its study modules, each with its teaching units and theoretical and practical contents, are:
    Market information systems
    Marketing policies
    Launch and implementation of products and services
    Marketing and communication event management
    Organization and control of the media plan
    Preparation of self-editable marketing and communication materials
    Professional English for business activities
    Food Styling
    You can do this double master in two modalities: online, with which you will obtain the access codes to the virtual field where you will find all the study material, or remotely, where you will receive the study manuals and the exercise book at your home.
  2. Course on creating multimedia content in the classroom
    If you want to specialize in creating digital products for educational use, this is the ideal course. During your training, the Course on creating multimedia content in the classroom will allow you to learn how to create this type of content based on digital image, video and sound as well as 3D didactic material.
    In this course you will be able to learn the following training content :
    Introduction to multimedia content
    Design of multimedia content in education
    Relevant aspects of creating multimedia content in the classroom
    Digital text
    Digital imaging
    Digital audio
    Digital video
    Creation of 3D teaching material
    Multimedia authoring programs
    Multimedia presentations
    The workload is 300 hours in online and distance modes, personalized tutorials and duration up to one year, extendable.
  3. Master in digital photography and Photoshop
    Entrepreneurs, managers, entrepreneurs, students and workers … today practically anyone must have the necessary knowledge to handle and edit digital photography.
    With this Master in digital photography and Photoshop, you will learn the following teaching units in 2 modules :
    Introduction to digital photography
    Digital image processing
    Theory of colour
    The photographic camera
    Use camera
    Take pictures
    Camera Accessories
    Photoshop CS6 presentation
    Basic concepts
    Work area
    Panels and menus
    Selection tools
    Drawing and editing tools
    Retouching and transformation
    Drawing tools

The workload of this master is 600 hours, online or remotely, and the duration is up to one year, extendable.

  1. Master in cartography + Master in AutoCAD 3D Studio Max
    This double master’s degree in Cartography + Master’s degree in AutoCAD 3D Studio Max will allow you to know cartography, the positioning of information transmission in the natural environment, the preparation of reports, minutes and certificates on control and protection of the natural environment, the recognition and identification of the archaeological and monumental heritage as well as the instrumentation and cartographic interpretation and representation of topography plans and AutoCAD.
    It consists of three modules whose training content includes specialized teaching units where you will obtain the necessary knowledge in relation to this professional field.

The hours of this master’s degree is 600 hours, with online and mixed modalities, personalized tutorials and a one-year duration, extendable.

  1. Master in Music Production with Pro-Tools
    Studying this Master in Music Production and Audio Recording with Pro Tools will train you with the necessary knowledge in audio recording and editing, as well as the most used tools in the sector to carry it out.
    You will learn to work on the quality of the audio and edit it in order to achieve the best results, as well as the techniques for mixing and mastering through the following key points :
    Editing commands and tools
    Audio organization
    Audio file processing

The workload of the master is 300 hours, distance and online modalities, personalized tutorials and an extendable duration of one year.

  1. Master in Prepress in graphic arts + Master in digital printing
    With a Master in Prepress in graphic arts and a Master in digital printing, you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge about composition rules, you will learn to handle layout programs and you will specialize in the process of digitizing images and graphic arts.
    The training content is divided into two parts:
    Part 1 Prepress in Graphic Arts
    Word processing
    Image processing
    Assembling and filming of texts and images
    Assembling and obtaining the printing form
    Graphic arts processes
    Part 2 Digital printing
    Graphic arts processes
    Preparing files for digital printing
    Printing with digital devices

The workload of this master is 600 hours, in online and distance modes, it has personalized tutorials and a duration of one year that can be extended.

  1. Postgraduate in Model Design and Graphic Representation
    Businessmen, managers, student entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to acquire the necessary knowledge can take the Postgraduate Degree in Model Design and Graphic Representation to learn about image processing applications in construction projects, pixels, entities, solid, objects, layer management, the use of apps for creating three-dimensional drawings, modelling and animation, among other educational content.
    The workload of this postgraduate course is 600 hours, with online and distance modalities, personalized tutorials and an extendable duration of up to one year

In both modalities and for all online courses, students who have mastered digital arts at the end of their studies and passed the evaluation tests will receive a diploma from the European School of Arts, endorsed by their status as members of the CECAP and AEC, top Spanish institutions in training and quality.