Deji Is Dropping His Boxing Team?

Deji Is Dropping His Boxing Team?

Deji’s Troubled Boxing Career

YouTube boxer Deji has had trouble finding the right fit for his boxing training regimen. In 2018, ahead of his debut with now boxing superstar Jake Paul, he was working with a professional boxer, YouTuber Viddal Riley — which he moved on from just weeks into camp. Speculation about his commitment quickly began to circulate and fans came to the conclusion that Viddal had distanced himself from someone that he did not believe could win. After his short stint with Riley, he found himself at Vic’s Boxing Gym in Peterborough, England. Deji eventually suffered a 5-round TKO loss to Paul.

Deji was trained by Tommy Martin, a former professional fighter that he no longer works. Recently, he spoke out against Deji and his lacklustre performance:

“He didn’t want it enough […] You can lead the horse to water, you can’t make the horse drink it” – Tommy Martin on Deji’s refusal to put in the work to succeed

Summer 2021, Deji took on TikToker Vinnie Hacker on Social Gloves. After being the clear favourite in the fight, he let down his fans. Questions about his work ethic once again began to rise before later revealing that he was unhappy with his training staff. Supporters criticized him for his performance and his physique going into the bout.

“Realistically, he’s just a stepping stone, because I want to fight bigger and better people, but I don’t mean any offence to Vinnie.” – Deji ahead of his fight with Vinnie Hacker

Deji Drops Another Team

On Wednesday morning, Daley Parales announced he had taken over the duty of training Deji just 5 weeks ahead of his fight with Alex Wassabi on March 5th:

To his surprise, in a lengthy video uploaded to the professional boxing coach’s Instagram story, he speaks on Deji’s situation:

“I didn’t expect Deji to join the team. He’s come in with 5 weeks to go so it’s kind of like a “crash course” on getting him prepared and ready.” – Daley Parales on Deji joining his training camp last minute

It’s unclear what made him want to switch up his team at such late notice. His fans are hoping he can finally get it right. Only time will tell if this is the right move for Deji’s fight against Alex Wassabi next month; he is slowly becoming the underdog for the first time in his brief boxing career.