Jake Paul beats Tyron Woodley for ‘KO of the Year’

Jake Paul beats Tyron Woodley for ‘KO of the Year’

A Twitter bean conducted by ESPN Ringside, which was used to determine the best- knockout winner, shows that the maturity of fight suckers loved Jake Paul’s knockout. In the bean, Jake Paul managed to get first place with 56 of the vote. Tyson Fury’s knockout against Deontay Wilder ranked second with only 36.3 of the vote.

A deserved but controversial win…

Despite Paul’s clear power, some fight suckers are over in arms over his controversial ESPN palm. Some fight suckers are going as far as calling Jake Paul’s palm over the established stager athletes a form of discourteousness to the sport.

Power Puncher Paul, can he deliver again?

Though it may be unclear who Jake Paul’s coming opponent is, one thing is for sure, the former Disney star is a power puncher. Yet despite this performance, some fight suckers are still over in the air on whether Jake Paul could deliver a‘ sleeping blow’to a more serious fighter, similar as Jorge Masvidal.