Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate are in Negotiations

Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate are in Negotiations!

Jake Paul faced off with controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate as the brace teased a plutocrat-spinning boxing bout.

A fight between YouTuber- turned prizefighter Paul and Tate has been teased ever since the four-time kickboxing world champion achieved unknown internet fame on the morning of this time. The brace has now added energy to the fire over the implicit meta-fight as Paul goggled down with Tate in a boxing spa as the YouTuber’s director Nakisa Bidarian watched on.
Tate has not fought in five times but has a return to the ring against Paul, who beat UFC legend, Anderson Silva, last month, or his aged family Logan. The 35- time-old has been at the van of media attention in recent months for his controversial views, which have seen him banned from social media platforms similar to TikTok and Instagram.

Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate

Paul raised his support for Tate following his social media ban, with the former kickboxer has also speaking largely of Paul’s career switch to boxing, labelling him as the stylish influencer to take up the sport. Tate claimed that Paul has lost his title of a YouTuber and slammed the American’s rival KSI whilst doing so.

“I suppose Jake Paul is a man who’s veritably devoted to his craft,” Tate told Rob Moore.” He’s not just a YouTuber, Jake Paul is a prizefighter. He spends his life training, he has a lot of time, plutocrat and coffers. The idea he’s just a YouTuber is foolish, KSI is just a YouTuber. Jake Paul is a prizefighter and he’s clearly a stylish of all the influencers are fighting moment, hands down.