Bryce Hall’s Next Boxing Opponent

Bryce Hall’s Next Boxing Opponent…

Bryce Hall is eventually addressing all of his fighting rumours. Bryce Hall has been a boxing target for numerous Youtubers for the once many weeks. But during all the callouts, Bryce ignored them all as he was holidaying in Hawaii. Still, in Bryce Hall’s most recent Youtube videotape, he eventually addressed the main fight rumours.

The first fight scuttlebutt he decided to shut down was centred towards Dubai- grounded Youtuber and Boxer, Moneykicks. This scuttlebutt he addressed incredibly snappily by stating that “ MoneyKicks turned out to be spooked.” Since the videotape’s release, MoneyKicks has yet to make a response.

After checking MoneyKicks off the list, Bryce Hall then decided to point his attention towards Stromedy. Over the past week, Stromedy and his friend DKMoney have been posting videos calling out Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder for a $200,000 Boxing event, but Bryce didn’t make a single response until this video. His response towards the duo starts off by poking fun at the duo for getting armed security because they were afraid for their lives. Josh Richards chimed in as well stating “There’s no way you need that much,” when Bryce’s friend stands with an AR and pistol. He then ends off the rumour by shutting down Stromedy’s call out saying the “fight is not gonna happen,” and that “nobody is getting free clout anymore.”

With both MoneyKicks and Stromedy being shut down, people are left with only one group left to wonder about. The Island Boys. To everyone’s surprise, though this brace wasn’t shut down. Rather Bryce said that he has been in calls with the Island Boys director to set up an event. The brace’s director claimed that the price for the Island Boys would be “$ 110 to$ 120K.” He also ends off with two effects. he clarifies that the ball is now in the Island Boys court. And that numerous promoters have been spoken to for easing the event.