Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is reportedly a "done deal" for February 25th

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is reportedly a “done deal” for February 25th

Whisperings in the boxing world point towards it being third time lucky for Jake Paul and Tommy Fury to eventually put their war of words to bed.

Paul is six fights deep into an undefeated professional career, and has been looking to make a fight with the 8- 0 Fury in answer to suckers claiming that he’s yet to face a ‘ real prizefighter. ’

Fury would be Paul’s first opponent to be of a analogous age and weight, and, most importantly for suckers, someone who has simply trained in boxing rather than switching from another sport.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is reportedly a “done deal”

Still, the agreement will be the third time the youthful stars have agreed to face off in the ring, If true. Despite what numerous suckers may say about Paul, the cancellation of each was down to Fury’s side – the first being an injury and second an incapability to enter the United States of America.

Paul’s last spin was a decision palm over Anderson Silva in which he knocked the Brazilian MMA stager down. Fury’s was less competitive – a last nanosecond exhibition fight against Rolly Lambert in Dubai.

The capers after the fight were more intriguing, with his father, John Fury, taking his top out and challenging Jake Paul to a fight. Paul had been stating ringside, and goading Tommy as he fought.

Whilst inflated and slightly crazy, the exchange and its view count online showed that a Paul- Fury clash will no doubt be a fiscal success.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is now a ‘ done deal ’ after agreeing to fight for a third time, with suckers hoping that on this occasion they ’ll actually make it to the ring without holdback or cancellation.

Given their separate situations of fame outside of the ring – Fury for his family name and Love Island stint, Paul for his inconceivable YouTube success – a bout between the two seems to make the utmost sense for where they’re in their careers.

This has long been known by both parties, with constant public back and forth hyping up an event that has, so far, failed to materialise. The brace were due to to fight in December 2021, but a broken caricature and casket infection rendered the Brit unfit to follow through.