Andrew Tate puts a bounty on KSI

Andrew Tate puts a bounty on KSI! Tate Offered Prizes for Followers to ‘Cancel’ KSI

LONDON – A close associate of Andrew Tate put a “ bounty ” on the head of influencer KSI, offering a prize to the Tate follower who made the most popular videotape about how the banderole and prizefighter “ needs to be condemned and cancelled, ” according to converse logs and other substantiation attained by VICE World News.

Experts have refocused to manipulation of tech platform’s algorithms as a central point of Tate’s rise to fame over the once several times. Another aspect of the Tate conglomerate’s online presence, however, is the way his followers swarm his perceived adversaries – commodity that appears to have been in at least some cases centrally directed by Tate’s inner circle.

Andrew Tate puts a bounty on KSI

Andrew Tate puts a bounty on KSI! Tate Offered Prizes for Followers to ‘Cancel’ KSI

A source who was formerly a member of Hustlers University says scholars were also offered “ cancellation bounties, ” which were placed on the heads of Tate’s perceived adversaries. In a communication this source participated with VICE World News, a prolocutor using the screen name “ Luc ” appears to be instructing members to make vids condemning KSI – a British YouTuber, prizefighter, rapper and entrepreneur with 24 million followers – and offering a price for the most successful bone .

This communication was transferred on the 23rd of August 2022, two days after KSI twittered “ thank God Andrew Tate was banned ” when Tate was banned from social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

Two days latterly, “ Luc ” posted the “ cancellation bounty ” to a Hustlers University Discord garçon.

VICE World News visited Tate’s emulsion in Romania in August 2022, and while there mugged both Andrew and his kinsman, Luke, putatively replying to dispatches on Hustlers University Discord waiters.

Tate Offered Prizes for Followers to ‘Cancel’ KSI

The bounty was just one point of Tate’s crusade. In a videotape posted on the 27th of August to Rumble, a platform backed by tech oligarch Peter Thiel and US senator JD Vance that promotes itself as “ vulnerable to cancel culture, ” Tate intimately blustered against KSI himself. Tate begins by showing a number of clips from old KSI vids in which, among other effects, he makes what he called a “ rape face. ”

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“ This is a particular communication to you, KSI, ” Tate goes on to say. “ I had no problem with you, I do n’t fucking know you, I do n’t watch your bullshit YouTube channel but when I get banned, you want to go from a addict to just incontinently groveling out to the matrix? That makes you a fraud, ” he said. “ There is nothing further disgusting than a manly fraud. At least Jake Paul was man enough to say, “ Stand up for free speech. ” If you ever fought Jake, he’d smash your fucking face in. And if you want to get smoked doubly, I ’ll fucking bank you myself! ”

KSI’s Reaction

KSI had preliminarily beaten Jake Paul’s family Logan in a boxing match; Tate himself is a former champion kickboxer.

“ You ’re full of shit, you ’re a fucking fraud, ” Tate continued. “ The shit you’ve said in the history is worse than anything I have ever fucking said and you know it. I’ll take you 12 rounds and I’ll break every bone in your fucking face. Fucking dink . Fuck KSI. ”

Hustlers University presumably tutored members how to produce wealth on the internet. Paying for the course would get you access to disharmony waiters chaired by Tate’s “ professors, ” who tutored classes on crypto trading, copywriting, dropshipping, forex trading, and colorful other ways to make plutocrat online.

One of the supposed styles of “ wealth creation ” tutored to scholars was an chapter marketing programmer for the course itself. An chapter marketing program involves people participating links to products or courses; if someone signs up through a link posted by a given person, they get a cut of the figure paid for the course.