Alex Wassabi Responds to KSI Disrespecting His Brother

Alex Wassabi Responds to KSI Disrespecting His Brother

It’s no secret that KSI and Alex Wassabi hate each other. For over three years now, the Olatunji family has had hatred for the Filipino YouTuber. However, recently, KSI and Wassabi’s beef took a turn for the worst — both their brothers got disrespect. First, we saw Wassabi disrespect Deji in the boxing ring with a win by split decision in their most recent match. Following the match, KSI took to YouTube to share his reactions. After Wassabi exchanged a few words shaming KSI for alleged poor treatment of his brother. Seeing this, KSI took the opportunity to send some shots at Wassabi’s brother. Well, today on March 31st, 2022, Alex Wassabi responds to KSI disrespecting his bother.

Alex Wassabi Responds to KSI

In response to Wassabi saying “if anybody talked to my little brother like that”, KSI decided to mock Wassabi’s little brother. Well, Wassabi took the opportunity to set the record straight in his latest video.  In his video, Wassabi let KSI off lightly. He brushed off the situation by saying: “that’s it? okay good.”

Wassabi in his latest video also responds to many of KSI’s comments. While laughing hysterically Wassabi shared: “He hates me! Why? What did I do?”  Wassabi also reacts to KSI saying the USA fighter couldn’t humble him. “You think what you did to my bro, you could to me? Do you know who I am?” KSI shared, with Wassabi responding with: “What are you talking about?” … “Okay, I can’t listen to this guy”. 

Wassabi ends the video by eating candy. This is clearly responding to KSI mocking him for eating candy post-fight. At the end of the video, Wassabi shared:

“I forget its okay to bully someone if you’re related to them. my bad you’re right it’s not my family, it’s your family.”

– Alex Wassabi, speaking on how KSI treated Deji while ending his video.