Austin McBroom responded to KSI's Manager

Austin McBroom responded to KSI’s Manager

On March 12th, 2022, Austin McBroom responded to the accusations from KSI’s Manager. On Twitter KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor updated fans about KSI’s future in both music and boxing.

On Twitter, Taylor (KSI’s manager) hinted at the fact that McBroom was asking for too much money in order to fight KSI.

Austin McBroom was not happy with the tweet from Taylor. McBroom went to HappyPunch’s Instagram to set the record straight. On Instagram, McBroom let fans know that KSI’s team allegedly never even reached out to him to make a fight offer. 

Austin McBroom responded to KSI's Manager

Will we see first Austin McBroom or Alex Wasabi facing KSI after his huge break from boxing?

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