Jake Paul to Dana White: “You met your maker”

Jake Paul to Dana White: “You met your maker”

Jake Paul has done it again. The undefeated 5-0 influencer prizefighter has managed to set the fight world ablaze. Lately, Jake Paul and UFC’s chairman Dana White have been proposing challenges back in forth to each other, but Jake Paul might have just taken it to the coming position. Last night, UFC’s chairman took to Instagram and Twitter to partake in a videotape communication directed at Jake Paul. In this videotape, Dana White claims that Jake Paul noway responded to Dana White’s original medicine testing challenge. Dana White also talks about how Jake Paul’s director was a former UFC accountant — calls him a scumbag in the process

Still, Dana White’s statement isn’t entirely true. As reported on byDramaAlert.com, Jake Paul did formulate kindly of a response, by proposing his own challenge to UFC’s chairman. Jake Paul, in response to Dana White’s rearmost videotape, issued his own videotape response.

In this dramatic videotape response, Jake Paul publically addresses Dana White, fully riding and abusing the UFC chairman in the process. Jake Paul in his response hits all the major points and addresses the review that the UFC’s chairman directed at him. Originally, Jake Paul hilariously roasted Dana White’s appearance. Secondly, the youtube prizefighter poked fun at UFC megastar Jorge Masvidal’s low social media stats by stating that his mama Pam Stepnick gets further likes than him. Thirdly, Jake Paul defends his director. He mentions that his director was the principal financial officer of the UFC and that he helped vend the UFC for billions of bones.

Influencers react to Jake Paul vs Dana White

Following Jake Paul’s and Dana White’s very public feud, a few influencers took to social media to share their reactions.

KSI shares his reaction:

KSI reacted to Dana White via Instagram. Says Dana White responded to his challenge first. Implying that they should do Dana White’s drug-testing challenge before they do Jake proposed challenge.


Prior to Jake’s response to Dana white, Nelk reacted via Instagram, suggesting that they should host the drug testing for Dana’s challenge.