What are the top 5 security cameras in 2021?

What are the top 5 security cameras in 2021?

What are the top 5 security cameras in 2021?

Having a security camera was the preserve of big business. But today, even being a private individual, you can have it in your home. These devices are experiencing a kind of fulguration with more efficient models among which we have selected five.

Discover in this article the top 5 security cameras in 2020.
Blink Mini, ideal for low-cost surveillance
Blink Mini is a connected indoor security camera featuring 1080p HD video with motion detection. It plugs into an electrical outlet and works with Alexa.

Thanks to this capacity of its vision, day and night, you have the possibility to see from your mobile phone (smartphone) everything that is happening in your home.
This surveillance camera, through its Blink Home Monitor application, allows you to listen to your visitors, your loved ones and answer them wherever you are. What makes its best asset is that a notification is sent to you as soon as movement is detected in your home.
Netatmo Presence, the connected camera with facial recognition

Launched in 2015, Netatmo has undergone numerous updates to be ranked in the guestbook of the best-innovation.com comparison Netatmo has the magic of being endowed with a lynx eye with a resolution of 1080p which allows you to quickly identify all the people coming into your house. It, therefore, has a facial recognition system.

Just like Blink Mini, Netatmo has an application that provides alerts as soon as a person crosses the portal. This assumes that you have the ability to even associate names with faces by its app. Having this security camera is worry-free.

Ring Indoor Cam, the ideal anti-intrusion
Ring Indoor Cam is an indoor camera. It is the smallest at 4.5 cm deep and 7.5 cm high. It is equipped with a sensor capable of filming in full HD (1920 × 1080 p). The videos on this device are all saved on the manufacturer’s cloud. This implies that there is no local storage. After purchase, you have the possibility to download the application which is compatible with it to take full advantage of its services.

In addition to her smallness, what sets her apart from others is that she has a mermaid. But rest assured, this will hardly bother since the latter depends on the settings. However, it is ideal to have the siren sound at each intrusion.
Eufy cam 2 pros, the infrared surveillance camera
Eufy cam 2 pro, like all the others, has some interesting advantages. Its bacteria have a resistance that allows it to remain independent for almost a year.

This security camera has infrared night vision built into its system, which allows it to see just as clearly night and day. With Eufy cam 2 pros, there is no longer any need to spend on a subscription in the cloud to record your visuals. It works with its local storage system.

Arlo Pro 4, the flashlight security cam
Arlo Pro 4 is a surveillance camera that always works with a wifi connection and this, wireless thanks to its battery. The latter has an autonomy of six (06) months. Arlo Pro 4 can be placed outdoors without you having to worry about the rain. Through its characteristics which it borrowed from the pro 3 version (max video in 2k HDR with 160 ° viewing angle), it makes a digital zoom of 12x.

Above all, a flashlight is built into its construction.
Each of these security cameras necessarily has a special advantage to make, especially with the innovation in their operation. This is what justifies their presence in the top 5 security cameras in 2020. It’s up to you to choose what suits your needs.